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It’s no surprise that mathematical computations play a crucial role in the realization of any new building. However, for the design of an experimental house in Yangju, South Korea, Studio Archiholic decided to translate these strict geometries quite literally. Like its name implies, the 9X9 Experimental House—designed for a 70-year-old painter who wanted a space where she could live and work—begins with outer walls set on a tightly defined 9 meter by 9 meter grid, providing a precise delineation of space.

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The architects have deconstructed the interior into three distinct parts: a furniture corridor, a variable zone, and an internal courtyard. The narrow, glass-encased furniture corridor consists of sliding doors and walls that open up to a living room, kitchen, and bathroom, while the variable zone consists of the physical walls that define the living spaces, which include both temporary and permanent divisions depending on the client’s needs. This design innovation allows the physical structure to adapt to the changing needs of the residents, presenting an alternative to the fixed properties of traditional housing.


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